Who Works Out On Vacation?

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but I’ve been one busy girl! Last week, my best friend Chelsea and I took our annual vacation to the Florida Keys. Along with the support from Amy, Chelsea has joined me on this life-changing journey of health and well-being. Which is going so well, that I almost had anxiety before we left when I realized there was not a fitness center at our first stop in Key Largo. Chelsea’s mom treated us to a day at a local fitness center located in Key Largo/Tavernier called Froggy’s Fitness. It was wonderful. I never thought to myself I would be a “runner” or “fitness fanatic” that works out on vacation, but now, I think the complete opposite and I absolutely love it.

It is such an invigorating feeling. I can feel it all over. My mental health, my body is changing for the better, I have more energy, and best of all my clothes look so much better on my body. I have lost 11lbs overall in 1 month. In concurrence with my running/working out, my eating habits have also changed drastically. Please remember, these are lifestyle changes, not a “diet” or “I’m just running until this blog is complete”. Are blogs ever complete? (hah) Anyways, I am on week seven and I feel fantastic.

The only discouraging part is my distance relative to my time. Which I know will gradually get better over time… how ironic. It is rather frustrating knowing I can only run a mile in 14 minutes, however, two weeks ago I had a 20 minute mile. So noticing the improvement has definitely kept me going. And we can’t forget the most important part…I can run a mile, without stopping. It might not be quickly, but I have short legs that still slightly touch…(hah). I have come so far in this journey and I owe the kick in the a** to Amy. Even though she says it’s all me…if it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

So thank you Amy, you rock.

And I will leave you with a few photos from our trip….


Post Workout!

Snapchat-3219733310831955815 (1)

Post Grocery shopping, keeping the carbs away!

Anchorage Yacht Club & Resort

Anchorage Yacht Club & Resort

Overall, the best thing I can take from this is that I have successfully made the lifestyle change. I know this because I craved running while I was in the Keys…if that’s not a lifestyle change, then I don’t know what is!!


2 thoughts on “Who Works Out On Vacation?

  1. WTG, Jen! So proud of you and reading your, and Amy’s, posts definitely helps to keep me motivated! Happy you’re feeling and seeing results! That’s what it’s all about!!😊😊 Keep up the great work!

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