Hurt So Good!

Brace yourselves! Beginning April 1st, we commence the Core Challenge, along with continuing to train for our 5K on April 11th. We will update you guys with our struggles, defeats, and provide support for each other along the way. I have never been so excited for the month of May in my entire life! Let’s get toned and feel amazing!

Core Challenge

Core Challenge

I’m guessing about halfway through week 1 were all going to empathize with this meme.

In the mean time, I have began to run/jog/speed-walk at least 1 mile per day in order to keep building my endurance and keep that anxiety at bay.

What do you do on a weekly basis to keep yourself healthy and happy?

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5 thoughts on “Hurt So Good!

  1. I read & have been following the training plan in “Run Less, Run Faster” – I like the consistency of my weekly workouts. Now having said that, I haven’t done anything this week due to a house full of sick, small children but I hope to get caught up this weekend. Exercising makes me feel good, have more energy to wrangle my kids all day & my attitude is less bitchy 😉 plus, in combination with my 21-day “fix” via Pinterest & buying Tupperware from Walmart, my body is changing & I feel better! So I am not going to give up on myself 🙂 Good luck with your continued journey!!

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