Today Was The Big Day!

It has been a wonderful few months training for a better lifestyle. I am proud to say that today, April 11, I have successfully finished my first 5K. I feel great. I will say I cannot picture my life without running, it has helped me both mentally and physically. I think it is safe to say that running is my meditation. And even though I’m not the fastest, it’s the dedication that matters most. Running has become a way for me to let go of stress, anxiety, and most of all, any frustrations life throws at you. We began this journey at the end of January and now it is the beginning of April. A little over two months and check out my transformation:

First 30 min walk/run is complete!

First 30 min walk/run is complete!

I still have a long road ahead of me, but there’s no stopping now. I would like to continue to run 5k’s in order to keep pushing myself. I love where I am today, which means I know I will love where I am in just a few months. Thank you all for the support! This is really a wonderful journey and I will continue to update you guys on it!

Day of the Race!

Day of the Race!


4 thoughts on “Today Was The Big Day!

  1. WTG, Jen! SUPER proud of you! I run for the SAME reasons as you and it has saved my life since losing my daughter! You look AMAZING!! Keep up the great work!😊😊😊

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  2. Jen, congrats on getting out there and getting it done! Sign up for your next 5k now. It will motivate you more to continue if you have put the money out. I look forward to updates.

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