September 2018 Challenge: Obsessed with PreHab!

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There are very few things that obsessing over is a positive thing…but injury prevention is definitely one of them.

As runners, we often take running for granted. We just lace up and run, no big deal right? Well sure…when we’re just getting started everyone tells us that running is a cheap way to get get healthy and stay sane. But as we progress and get better at what we love we start to realize that:

  1. Running is not cheap
  2. Running alone is not enough to keep us healthy
  3. If we don’t add strength training to our routine, we won’t be able to run

Most of us have been running for a little bit now and some of us have been running for years so we know running isn’t cheap, we know running alone is not enough and we know we have to do our strength work. But we might still be confused as to what type of strength training is most beneficial to our sport. Should we lift heavy? Should we go to boot camp? Should we do plates or barre or some other class to help us get stronger?

While all those things are great for our personal fitness, they aren’t specific to running. No, I’m not saying you should stop going…but if we want to get better at what we love the most, we have to do a little work on areas where runners most often suffer from injuries and pain.

In September we are…

Screen Shot 2018-08-31 at 8.00.27 AM

If you are not familiar with Strong to the Core, we are a private group that was formed from the 30 Days to a Stronger you group. We switched over the to private group to make our little family more secure and give our runners the chance to post and share in a private setting where they are free to say how they feel without being judged.

The group is made up primarily of runners who want to get stronger, faster and healthier! We know that strength training is an essential part of the program if we want to run for life so we do it together with a monthly workout plan, weekly speed work options, accountability, support and motivation!

If you are interested in learning more about Strong to the Core click here! Please feel free to reach out to me (Amy) with any questions or concerns you may have.

We’d love to have you join our #CoreCrew family!



September: Day 30 – Last Day…Let’s Get It!!

beast modeGood morning Challengers!! We made it! It’s the last day of the month and Day 30 of our September Challenge!

I know you’ve heard me say it before before but I am so stinking proud of you!! It was a hard month with lots of illness, injuries, busy work schedules…life in general threw us a bunch of curveballs. And even if you didn’t complete every single day of the challenge you did your best! That’s all I can ever ask for and I know you are coming away stronger and more confident than when you started!

We have one last day to complete before we can move forward and it’s a tough one. I have a feeling lots of you will want to skip it but DON’T. Push yourself today and finish strong!

Here’s our Day 30 exercises:

  • Pistol Squats – 10X each leg – Push yourself and see how far you’ve come and how much stronger your legs are than at the beginning of the month!
  • Burpees – 50X – Just do it y’all…I know this is a lot. Do sets of 5 or 10 and get them done and feel amazing about yourself and your accomplishment!
  • In and Outs – 50X
  • Plank – Up and Downs – 100 seconds – You got this! You are strong and you will surprise yourself with your ability to hold your plank for over a minute and a half. Don’t watch the clock….just get started and push through!
  • Key Stretches 1, 2, & 7 – Standing Calf Stretch, Quadriceps, IT Band

Looks hard but you are STRONG! Turn on your inner BEAST MODE and kill it! When you’re done, take a moment to think about how far you’ve come this month and how much stronger and more flexible you are. Remember that YOU did this!!

Some of you have been with us for a while and have completed a few challenges now…and for others, this may be the first time you’ve ever completed a full 30 day Challenge. Either way it’s something worth celebrating! Don’t overlook your accomplishment…give yourself a huge pat on the back….then let’s move forward to our next Challenge!

I’m working on the final touches for October and let me tell you…if won’t be easy. Don’t get worried…you can do this! I’ve taken into account what you’ve asked for and hope you will love it. First thing…no burpees! Hopefully that will make some of you sigh with relief…whew…and will make you go get those burpees done because after today…they are gone…at least for the next month! 😉

Instead….we will be squatting till our legs and bottom feel like jello and our abs want to scream! Just a tiny hint of what’s to come. I’ll have it up as soon as I can today so watch for it later this afternoon.

In the meantime…let’s put our Beast Mode on high and GET IT DONE! Make Day 30 the best day ever! 🙂

When you complete today’s exercises grab this meme and post it and let everyone know…YOU DID IT!!!!



September: Day 28 – It’s Monday…No More Excuses!

Its MondayHey Challengers…it’s Monday and it’s time to get to work! There was so much great activity over the weekend with some amazing races, some killer long runs, and tons of other fun activities…but there was also some slacking….

Which one were you? If you kept your game face on and got it done…WAY TO GO!! If not…no more excuses!!

It’s Day 28 and we only have 3 days left in our September Challenge!! Will you finish strong? If you’ve missed days…DON’T WORRY…DON’T try to make them up. Just jump back in today and finish the month strong.

This is your last chance to throw out ideas and suggestions for October as I’ll be putting together the new calendar over the next couple days. If you have something you want to work on more, now is the time to ask! Love a specific exercise? Tell me!

Here’s our Day 28 exercises:

Since it’s arm day and the Sexy Arms workout from Thursday was such a good one I am throwing it back in again today. If you have a little extra time for your workout today…go through this extra routine for those sexy arms we all want then tag your 30 Days to a Stronger You post with #SEXYARMS so we know how hard you worked. Maybe you can inspire someone else to do a little extra too!

sexy arms

Let’s get our week started right and make it an awesome Monday Challengers!! 🙂

September: Day 27 – If You Want It…Work For It!!

want it work for itWhat’s going on today Challengers?!?! Who’s got some awesome Sunday Funday plans?

Before you get to those fun plans…it’s Day 27…and although it’s Sunday…we need to get some work done before we play!

Today’s workout is another one of my favorites. I really like the windshield Wipers and Russian Twists and my abs can always use a little extra love!

Are your abs tight and tone? If not…and you want that…you have to work for it. It’s that simple!

Here’s our Day 27 exercises:

This is a great ab workout…but since my abs always need a little extra love…I want to do more! If you want to do a little more too here is an extra workout for us!

Ab pryamid

If you really want it…you have to work for it! Get in this extra workout today and tag your post with #TONEANDTIGHTEN then you can relax and feel great knowing you worked hard today!

We’ve got some Challengers racing today…Jennifer Moro-Ortiz and Amy Lawrence Kinseth for sure…who else?

I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday…go out and make it a great day Challengers! 🙂

September: Day 26 – Find Yourself….Go Run!

Good morning Challengers! find yourself

It’s Saturday, Day 26 and a great day to go running! It doesn’t matter how far or how fast…put on your shoes and go!

Running does so many good things for your body and soul. There are many naysayers out there that swear they can’t run for all kinds of different reasons…but the truth is that running is good for you!

According to a Runners World article called The Starting Line…here’s a few ways that running actually improves your health:

  1. Running makes you happy! Studies have shown that walking or running on a treadmill for 30 minutes could instantly lift the mood of someone suffering from a major depressive order. Even on those days when you have to force yourself out the door, exercise still protects you against anxiety and depression. Moderate exercise may help people cope with anxiety and stress even after they’re done working out!
  2. Running helps you lose weight! We all know it takes watching what you eat to lose weight but you also have to exercise and running burns TONS of calories! Even a fast walk will help you shed some pounds…just get out there and get that heart rate up!
  3. Running strengthens your knees (and your other joints and bones, too). It’s long been known that running increases bone mass, and even helps stem age-related bone loss. But chances are, you’ve had family, friends, and strangers warn you that “running is bad for your knees.” Well, science has proven that it’s not. In fact, studies show that running improves knee health, according to Boston University researcher David Felson in an interview with National Public Radio.

    “We know from many long-term studies that running doesn’t appear to cause much damage to the knees,” Felson said. “When we look at people with knee arthritis, we don’t find much of a previous history of running, and when we look at runners and follow them over time, we don’t find that their risk of developing osteoarthritis is any more than expected.”

  4. Running will keep you sharper, even as you age. Studies consistently found that fitter older adults scored better in mental tests than their unfit peers. What’s more, in stroke patients, regular exercise improves memory, language, thinking, and judgment problems by almost 50%. The research team found “significant improvements” in overall brain function at the conclusion of the program, with the most improvement in attention, concentration, planning, and organizing. Worried about “losing it” as you get older? Working out regularly will help you stay “with it.”
  5. Running reduces your risk of cancer. Running doesn’t cure cancer, but there’s plenty of proof that it helps prevent it. A vast review of 170 epidemiological studies in the Journal of Nutrition showed that regular exercise is associated with a lower risk of certain cancers. What’s more, if you already have cancer, running can improve your quality of life while you’re undergoing chemotherapy. (Want to know more about this? Read first-hand accounts of this and see our full cancer issue here.)
  6. Running adds years to your life. 
    Even if you meet just the minimum of amount of physical activity—(30 minutes, 5 times per week), you’ll live longer. Studies show that when different types of people started exercising, they lived longer. Smokers added 4.1 years to their lives; nonsmokers gained 3 years. Even if you’re still smoking, you’ll get 2.6 more years. Cancer survivors extended their lives by 5.3 years. Those with heart disease gained 4.3 years.

What more do you need to know? Get out and be active today.

I NEED TO RUN! Lots of you understand and can feel pain! My long run will be a slow 1-2 miles today to see how my leg is feeling. I want to ease back into it so I don’t make my hamstring injury worse and can be ok for the Marine Corp Marathon in less than 5 weeks. I NEED to run!

Lots of our Challengers are racing this weekend! LaRon Harrison, Paula Farmer, Jennifer Moro-Ortiz, Marion Syversen, and Sandy MacCarty who’s running Ragnar Adirondack!

Who else is racing this weekend? Sorry if I missed you but please let us know so we can cheer you on! And to everyone out there today…run strong and just do you best! Take pictures for us so we can see your beautiful faces and have a blast!

No matter what you do today…make it a great day Challengers! 🙂

September: Day 25 – Thankful to be Alive!

privledgeGood morning Challengers! It’s Friday, Day 25 and although it’s an easy legs day…I won’t be able to do today’s workout so I need you all to go even harder for me!

Instead of being negative and sad that I cannot get sweaty with y’all, I will remember that it is a privilege to be alive, to breathe, to think, to enjoy, and to love. I will live vicariously through all of you getting stronger today while I relax and get better so I can be back at it with you sooner than later! 🙂

Here’s our Day 25 exercises:

My arms are a little sore after yesterday’s tough arm workout but I do have more in me today….and I can do push-ups! If you are ready and willing to give to my upcoming Marine Corp Marathon charity…the Burma Mission…please click here.

I will do a push up for every dollar given, and for every $10 you give your name will be put in the hat for the Garmin 220 if we win first place for the runner with the most donations. Right now we are still in first place! Really 2nd place…but the top runner right now is Michael Isherwood..chairman for the Burma Mission and he has told me he is not eligible for the prize. So..first place at $979…YAY! Will you please help me get closer to my $2000 goal?

If you would like to know more about this charity and why I am running for the people of Burma, please check out this page, Racing for a Cause: Marine Corp Marathon.

When you wake today…take a moment to be thankful for your health and remember that it is wonderful to be alive! No matter how your day unfolds…we are able to breathe, to think, to enjoy, and to love…life is good!

Let’s make it a great Friday Challengers!

September: Day 24 – Bye Bye Negativity!

no-negativeGood morning Challengers! It’s Thursday…Day 24 of our September Challenge and I must admit that
yesterday I was feeling pretty negative which is why I was a little quiet in our FB group.

After my run on Tuesday, I felt good for a little bit, then it all came crashing down as my leg started to throb again and I realized my hamstring was not in good condition.

It’s so frustrating to be sidelined from an injury…. especially when you have you important races coming up. I have raised almost $1000 for the Burma Mission and the Marine Corp Marathon is only 5 weeks away. How can I have a hamstring problem now?!?!!?

A running friend suggested a sports massage from a physical therapist and let me tell you…it hurt so good! The therapist said…no running…no strength training for legs…and only light stretching for now. I told her I needed to do 40 burpees…she laughed…then said..nothing that puts any strain or even moves your leg too much. So that means no burpees, no bike, no rowing…pretty much nothing… UUUGGGHHHH.

How can I tell you to do burpees if I can’t do them myself? Hence the silence from your not so fearless leader yesterday. 😦

Today is a new day…and while I still cannot do any leg workouts…I am ditching all negative thoughts, because today is arms day and this I CAN do! I hope to see all of you doing tons of great cardio for me…maybe I can burn calories by sending all my positive thoughts your way??

On to today…I’m thinking about some extra work on our arms today, so if you’re up for it…check out the extra challenge after today’s exercises.

Here’s our Day 24 exercises:

sexy armsToday’s arm exercises are awesome all by themselves so if you’re ready to stop there…that’s cool. Remember to check out the extra arm stretches below.

If you’d like to give it a little more today…how about this extra arm challenge?

We all want sexy arms…so this is for the men too!

We’ve done all of these exercises except the front and side raises but if you have any questions, please let me know and I will explain. If you take this on and complete it make sure to post using #SEXYARMS so you can motivate others to work just a little bit harder!

For the front and side raises…here’s a great video that shows how to do them both.

Front and Side Raises:


Whether you stick with our Day 24 exercises or added the extra challenge, your arms will be burning today! Let’s show our arms some love and stretch them out. Here are four arms stretches that will feel so good after today’s tough workout.

  • Bicep stretch – :30
  • Tricep stretch – :30 for each arm
  • Wrist and forearm stretch – :30 for each arm
  • Shoulder stretch – :30 for each arm

Sounds heavenly right? Click here to see how to do each stretch properly.

Last thought…we all have days when those negative thoughts pop into our head…me included… What we can’t do is allow them to get us down and keep us from moving forward. So today…NO NEGATIVE thoughts allowed. Shake it off…and let’s get to work on those sexy arms we all want.

Make it a great day Challengers! 🙂