Past Challenges

Hey Challengers! This page will direct you to challenges we have done in the past. Looking to add in some extra exercises? Click the links below to find out what we’ve been up to.

Since March 2016, we have continued with our monthly challenges but this Challenge group changed to a private group called Strong to the Core for those dedicated to getting stronger! Strong to the Core is not just for runners, but we do have a lot of runners getting stronger and running longer and faster! If you are interested in being a part of our Strong to the Core family click here for more info!

If you are looking for some fun monthly challenges without the accountability and motivation from Strong to the Core, feel free to check out our past 30 Day Challenges below!

January 2016 Challenge

December 2015 Challenge

November 2015 Challenge

October 2015 Challenge

September 2015 Challenge

August 2015 Challenge

July 2015 Challenge

June 2015 Challenge

May 2015 Challenge

April 2015 Challenge

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